Tuesday 20 June 2017

10 Summer Self-Care Ideas

When it comes to the warmer season, I actually struggle to practice self care as I find it easier to get comfy and cosy during the Autumnal months instead. Saying this, I have come across several ways to get myself through the Summer blues, help me unwind regularly and have a little fun in the process. 

Set An Afternoon Aside To Give Yourself Head To Toe Treatments | From dying my eyebrows to painting my toe nails, I like to set an afternoon or evening aside every now and again to pamper and preen myself. Shaving my legs, putting on a face mask and having the most invigorating shower with all my Lush treats. 

Cycle In The Sunshine | So many places let you hire bikes now, either around the woods or a lake. Luckily we have bikes, so I like to make the most of the sunny weather and cycle for a few hours. 

Take Your Favourite Drink Outside | Fizzy elderflower pressé and mint green tea are two of my favourite drinks in the Summer, but instead of drinking them off the sofa, I thought I'd spend just five minutes outside feeling the sun on my face. 

Grow Some Plants | Whether it's taking care of the succulents you already have or going into the garden and planting some new seeds, I actually find any sort of gardening super relaxing. 

Take Your Reading Nook Outside | Find a bench or take your picnic blanket outside into the garden, snuggle up and delve into a new read. 

Treat Yourself | I'm slowly falling in love with the new Ciate products, including their Glow To Highlighter and Blushers - just look at that packaging! I've also got a few new Summer wardrobe pieces that are tempting me too. 

Do Some Summer Baking | Whether it's baking some meringues to make an Eton mess or a twist on the classic lemon drizzle cake (This Summer fruit one sounds amazing!)

Take A Break | It's not always easy to get a weekend off or go away, but taking a break can just be going to the beach or the nearest group of hills. Take some time away from the screen and spend some time in the sun. Maybe even take your favourite Podcast with you! 

If You Like The Feeling Of Christmas, Embrace It | Put on your favourite Christmas episodes from your go-to TV shows or watch old Vlogmas' to make you feel all festive. 

It Doesn't Have To Be Outside | I feel like I've gone on about all the activities you can do outside, but it doesn't always have to be. To keep away from the hot weather, you can turn your fan on, open the windows and stick on your favourite film or box set. 

How do you like to practice self care in the Summer? 

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