Friday 12 October 2018

Is This Mascara Worth The Hype?

Nars Climax Mascara Review

Every time I get a new mascara, it's like a tradition to talk about it on the blog. I finished my Benefit BadGal Bang* a while back now, so I was using up everything I had left in my collection in the mean time. As a beauty blogger, I love trying out new products and therefore I knew that I wanted to try something different this time around despite loving the Benefit offering. I've been seeing the Nars Climax Mascara* everywhere recently and I wanted to put it to the test to see whether it lived up to it's hype. 

If I'm honest, I wasn't expecting to like this mascara because for some reason I thought it would lengthen rather than add volume which is something I like now and again, but ultimately I want a mascara that offers a bit of both. Luckily, this does exactly that and it's exceeded my expectations. I was expecting something that would flake and a last a few hours, but instead I got a long lasting mascara that doesn't smear or smudge. It's been through the exercise test and come out with 10/10 marks and let me tell you I'm very fussy about mascaras which is why I tend to use the same one until I find a new one I love. 

Despite loving the formula, the wand was something I had to get used to as I'm not used to something as fluffy as this and therefore the bottom lashes were a bit of a task to coat. I'm still getting my head around the fuller brush, but i've got a lot better at controlling it and it definitely makes applying it super fast! 

Have you tried the Nars Climax Mascara?

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