Friday 9 April 2021

Styling A Cottage Core Bedroom

Cottage Core Bedroom Decor

Cottage Core Bedroom Decor

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My bedroom has been a work in progress for some time now, but with the introduction of  'cottage core', I feel like my bedroom is slowly coming together and starting to feel more like my own style. Although it isn't as shabby chic as you imagine a traditional cottage bedroom to be, I think the boho and botanical vibes all work together perfectly. If you're looking to create your own cosy space, then I've got just the tips for you. 

Adding Houseplants 

I've spoken about my love for houseplants a lot over the past year as I finally learnt how to properly care for them and was no longer killing them all off within a month. Saying that, it's still been a learning process and many have gone to plant heaven. A healthy houseplant starts with how it was cared for before it came to you, so choosing a good place to buy your new friend is vital for a successful relationship with your houseplant. Below are some of my houseplant shop recommendations to check out: 

Cottage Core Bedroom Decor

A Statement Wall 

My bedroom statement wall has been pinned on Pinterest thousands of times, so you've probably seen how I've grown it over the years and change it up for each season. I enjoy dressing my standing mirror with a garland depending on the time on year. Currently I've been hanging this Rose Garland and during the Autumn, I opt for a Rust Leaves one instead. 

I have the Urban Outfitters Ari Shelf on my wall which is where I have hung a battery operated lamp and framed it with a print secured with washi tape as well as my Macrame Wall Hanging. I want to switch out my print (which I stole from my statement wall downstairs) and switch it to this Mushroom A4 Print which I think is absolutely adorable and would fit perfectly with this space. 

My mirror corner isn't the only place that I have a statement wall as over our bed I have a variety of prints and my Urban Outfitters Moon Garland which I think keeps the wall looking busy and interesting - perfectly complimenting my bed and it's surroundings.

Cosy Elements  

I'm quite indecisive when it comes to soft furnishings in the bedroom and once I find a bedding set I love, I just want to keep it on forever. H&M Home have been great for enabling me to switch over cushion covers whenever I please especially when a new season approaches. Their cushion covers are affordable and if you already have their cushion inserts, they can be switched out easily. 

I have an area by my side of the bed with has a hook set up for fairy lights to be hung at any time that I want and it's absolutely amazing because when I want to feel extra cosy all I have to do is switch them on. If we were to get an at home projector for our bedroom, I feel like this would up the cosy factor even more! 

Cottage Core Bedroom Decor

Personal Touches 

At the end of the day, you won't feel as cosy in a bedroom that doesn't feel like your own, so making sure to add a personal touch here and there is key. I feel like that's the joy of 'cottage core' styling, it's all about how you interrupt it and it really enables you to get creative. I have hung my own pressed flowers in a frame on the wall as well as stacked my favourite books  and hung dried lavender from our Summer trip so I'm constantly surrounded by things that make me happy. If soft lightning feels more personal to you, then why not grab yourself a Himalayan Salt Lamp or if you want to get creative and, then how about making your own macrame plant holder like this kit from Etsy


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