Wednesday 15 April 2020

10 Etsy Shops To Check Out

Etsy Shops To Check Out
UK Etsy Shops Sellers Favourites
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I've always been rather fond of shopping on Etsy, there's some dreamy homeware pieces on there that always entices me in and I feel like now more than ever, we need to support small businesses too. I often scour the Editors Picks page for new-in pieces or just items that I think I'll enjoy. Here are 10 UK Etsy shops to check out: 

My Life Handmade | If you're a lover of macramé like myself, then you'll appreciate how much time and effort into creating those beautiful pieces. As most of us have a little bit of extra time on our hands, My Life Handmade's kits like this Macramé Plant Hanging Kit looks like it'll be just perfect to have a go at! If planters aren't your thing then they have Wall Hanging Designs as well as even Mini Embroidering Hoop Kits

Annie Dornan Smith | I've admired Annie's work for some time now, her Collection of British Bees Print, not only being a personal favourite, but also a favourite amongst everybody. Each of her designs are as gorgeous as each other, but her La Peche Peach Print is just dreamy - just look at it! She also sells stationary, cards and pins, so it's a great shop to check out if you have a few birthdays coming up as there's a great card selection that could even double up as wall art. 

Pretty Cactus Plants | As a plant collector, I love scouring Etsy for new plants to own as you can often find rare offerings or just simply green beauties that you've been eyeing. Pretty Cactus Plants is one of the shops I check regularly as their Hoya Carnosa Compacta (hindu rope plant) is probably going to be my next plant purchase. They're reasonably priced with this Dracena Compacta being only £5, so it's tempting to add even more to your collection. 

Things With Passion | Although Things With Passion is an Etsy shop that I've only just recently discovered, I'm absolutely obsessed with everything they have to offer. It's mostly macramé again (don't worry there's other things to come!), but the Rainbow Weaving Wall Decor and the Ferns Botanical Embroidery are both too beautiful not to mention. That being said, I feel like it's the One Line Face Wall Tapestry that would get the most love online - just look how Instagrammable it is! 

The Minty Mountain | Finding The Minty Mountain on Etsy was a total dream find as her handmade ceramics are just so beautiful and you can totally tell how much effort goes into each item. The Leggy Stoneware Planter is a favourite, but she also offers plates and mugs like this Galaxy Night Mug which is a total splurge, so I'll gaze at it in awe from afar. 
Sew Botanical | I found the Etsy shop, Sew Botanical a few days ago now and I'm so glad I did as I've been looking for embroidery kits for a while. They're great if you want to start a new hobby or if you want to perfect a new skill, plus you got a something that you've made all by yourself at the end of it. The Beginner Mini Plant Embroidery Kit and Plant Lady Coral option are my two favourites as they look like they'd fit in when put on display in my house. 

BBIllustration | I personally love incorporating nature into my home decor where possible, so I stumbled across BBIllustration when I was looking for a bee print and I found their A-Z of Bees which is just the cutest! They have other alternatives like birds, butterflies and even biscuits, so it's a cute little Etsy shop to check out if you're into these kind of things. 

BarrelandBirdCo | Something a little different now as BarrelandBirdCo focuses more on rustic furniture, but the pieces are gorgeous nevertheless. The Wooden Blanket Ladder is a personal favourite as I think it'd look so cute and has lots of different uses, but their Rope Hanging Shelves have made me lust after new places to put trinkets and houseplants. 

Stupid Egg Interiors | An Etsy favourite of mine that I keep coming back to time and time again is Stupid Egg Interiors, a shop that sells gorgeous houseplants alongside great planters that can be dotted throughout the home. The Hoya Kerrii (love heart plant) is just too cute to miss and the String of Hearts is just as pretty. 

Nest Candle Co | I've mentioned Nest Candle Co on my blog before, but this candle shop is ran by a fellow blogger and her candles have the cutest names. I know a lot of people will be pampering and having cosy evenings in, so if you're running low on your favourite candles, then I'd recommend checking out independent stores as they have some great picks for good prices too like their Fairydust Luxury Soy offering

- Honorable mentions - 

I feel like I need to shout from the roof tops about this BeeBoutiqueStore Chunky Knit Blanket which they do in a variety of colours (including blush pink!) for an affordable price as I feel like everyone will want one. This style of blanket used to be all the rage, but I've been looking for something similar for a couple of years now and then I stumbled across this shop and honestly they're just dreamy to drape over your bed or sofa for extra cosiness. 

Another piece that I found that I thought would be great for those who like Instagrammable pieces in this Knot Cushion that comes in a variety of colours that would suit anywhere in your home! 

If you've ever wondered where my Mustard Macramé was from it was from an Etsy seller called Rocket and Pearl which I've previously mentioned before. It's the one that's featured in the above images and it makes for great wall decor if you have a spare space that needs filling. 

Who are your favourite Etsy sellers? Did you like my top picks? 

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