Friday 25 October 2019

Ultimate Halloween Evening Guide

Ultimate Halloween Evening Guide
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Halloween is slowly creeping up on us (greddit?), so I wanted to share my favourite things to do on the lead up to the 31st. With no trick or treating to look forward to, I know that a lot of people aren't a fan of this spooky event, but I know I am, so if you are too, keep on reading! 

If you seriously want to get in the mood for Halloween then I'd recommend going to a haunted house on the run up to the big day as it was one of my favourite things I've done! I could easily go every year, even twice as the acting is so good in them and it's a great way to spend the evening with friends. 

I know haunted houses aren't for everybody, so if you'd rather something a little less scary then baking is always a good idea! I've done a couple of recipe posts this year, but I've got a lot of my list to do as well like gooey chocolate brownies and dragon egg nests. Eat them whilst watching the latest series of Stranger Things, American Horror Story or just a classic slasher film. 

After baking, I always feel in the mood for a cosy evening in and what a better to kick things off than with a Lush bath. Although they're not supposed to be scary, I find the Disney Sheet Masks hilarious when you put them on, so I feel like it's very fitting. 
Ultimate Halloween Evening Guide
Although in the UK, Halloween still isn't on the same scale as others, I like to embrace it as much as I can, decorating my house with fair lights, bunting and pumpkins everywhere. I've picked up a pumpkin blanket that is super cosy and I've got this witches brew mug that I feel is very suited to the run up to the 31st. 

I'm going to be sharing some of my favourite Halloween films, but you don't have to just sit in front of the television. Books are a great way to get spooked without being too jumpy and for me, it's just as excuse to re-read Harry Potter or The Night Circus - two of my go-to books to explore at this time of the year. If films or books aren't your thing, then I'd recommend checking out some True Crime podcasts, which is something I've been super  obsessed with this October and I've been watching Eleanor Neale a lot on YouTube too. 

Films To Watch 
I've already compiled a list of my favourite TV shows to watch over Halloween, but I knew I had to share my go-to picks. In this list there's some classics, personal favourites and even some funny, rather cringe or lightweight picks for those who want to watch a film on their own without getting to spooked. 

- Harry Potter                                                         - Hocus Pocus
- The Purge                                                            - The Others
- Orphan                                                                 - The Conjuring 
- Paranormal Activity                                              - The Woman In Black
- Sinister                                                                 - IT
- The Hunger Games                                               - Babadook
- Let The Right One In                                             - Scream
- 28 Days Later                                                       - The Addams Family 
- Shaun of The Dead                                               - The Forth Kind 
- Zombieland 
- Hush 
- A Quiet Place 
- The Blair Witch Project 

How do you like to spend your evening on Halloween? 

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