Thursday 3 October 2019

8 TV Shows To Watch This Halloween

Halloween season is here! I'm super excited to start sharing with you some of my favourite series, films and podcasts to watch and listen to, you will definitely be seeing a lot more pumpkins and cosy set ups from me over the next few weeks. Today, get your snacks at the ready as I've got the best TV shows you binge watch over the next four weeks in the lead up to the 31st. 

Scream Queens | This TV show may have been cancelled after two series, but it's one of my favourites to rewatch at Halloween. It's like Halloween Mean Girls which I'm all here for as it's not super scary at all, but still has lots of gore and suspense. 

American Horror Story | The new series has started and although I prefer the first and third series, the new 1984 is really enticing me in and after the first episode I'm super excited for the next one! If you want a jumpy series that has a storyline and you can easily binge watch then I'd recommend checking AHS out on Netflix now. 

Stranger Things | Stranger Things is quickly becoming a classic and it's the perfect pick for those of you that want to be slightly spooked, but you're not a fan of anything too jumpy and bloody. The first and last season are my favourites, so it would be another option if you want to binge watch a series on the lead up to the 31st! 

Santa Clarita Diet | A bit of light relief now in the form of Santa Clarita Diet as although this has now been cancelled (Netflix what are you playing at?!), I can't help but love this series. Although it features zombies, it's super funny and would be great for those who want to watch something Halloween themed on their own and still manage to sleep at night. 

The Haunting of Hill House | A favourite from last year was The Haunting of Hill House and if you've been living under a rock, it's a ten episode long season that's recently been renewed for another season next year that although I'm gutted doesn't come out this year, it gives me a chance to re-watch this very spooky and jump worthy series! 

The Walking Dead | Don't get me wrong I don't watch TWD at the moment as the latest series didn't float my boat, but the first five seasons are great! It's got everything you want around Halloween; zombies and gore so I would recommend at least checking it out to see if it's for you. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | It can be hard to stop comparing this to the original show you watched when you were a child, but once you get over that then this is everything you want. It definitely feels like it's in the similar vein to the likes of Riverdale, but if you want an easy, teen watch this spooky season then this would be for you. 

Mind Hunter | Something a little bit different is Mind Hunter as the serial killers inside the story are based on true people which definitely makes it more eerie. This one would be a go-to for those of you that just want an interesting watch that won't keep you up at night when the door creaks. 

What are your favourite TV shows to watch at Halloween? 

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