Saturday, 25 April 2020

High Street Budget Loungewear Sets

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Although I'm trying to make a bit more of effort with my day to day outfits, I'm still loving having a cosy loungewear set to get into at the end of the day. I know a lot of you reading this will be similar to me, so I've compiled a list of my top loungewear picks that I've recently seen on the high street. 

First up I have to talk about how much I'm loving all the fruit prints that are about on pyjama sets - they're just so adorable. ASOS currently have two that I've added to my wishlist, their Avocado Print and this dreamy Lemon Mix and Match Set are two you definitely need to look at even if it's just to swoon over. 

Nasty Gal's loungewear are some of my favourites and from the pieces I've got, they've stayed soft and washed well. The Fluffy Wide-Leg Lounge Set is the one currently on my wishlist as I love the neutral colour and it looks so comfy! 


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