Wednesday, 1 April 2020

5 Things I've Added To My April To-Do List

April To Do List
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The may be one of the weirdest monthly to-do lists I've ever had to do. Usually April would be filled with cherry blossom, going away on holiday and looking forward to the sunnier weather, but with the obvious events going on, I've turned to the little things to bring me joy over the next month. 

Enjoy The Fresh Air | Even if it's just having a cup of tea in the garden in the morning as the birds are chirping and there's a slight breeze, enjoying the fresh air always puts me in a better mood. I've been trying to go for daily walks in the woods as it's so quiet and peaceful, so I really get an hour for myself a day. 

Try Out Some New Recipes | The supermarket and the hoarders who shop in them have been testing my patience recently and although I'm in a lucky position to have a shop that regularly stocks up, the lack of some ingredients has meant I've been improvising when I can. I've been testing out new recipes for dinner as well as new tasty snacks for the evening as well - like the Indulgent Brownie Recipe I shared the other week. 

Update My Home | I recently treated myself to a fresh set of bedding as I was still clinging onto my Christmas set, it's tartan, so not overly festive, but nevertheless I felt like I needed a change. It inspired me to have a rearrange of the pieces already in my home and find out areas that are sparse so that I can fill them, but it's also made me lust after some new items too. 

Stay Active | Over the last couple of weeks, one of the main things I've been doing that has really helped me is staying active. Although I've been getting out on my bike, it's actually the at-home workouts that I've been finding the most fun (and challenging too!). Sometimes it's hard to get yourself motivated, but with kettlebells, resistance bands and my own bodyweight, I have managed to make myself a fair few routines that I've been rotating. 

Shop Independently | I'm going to do a full blog post on some independent Etsy stores that you could check out if you want to get creative or simply have some new products to help you relax. This is because I've been inspired to get creative now that I'm at home a lot more than I'm used to. I want to get back into the swing of Embroidery, but I'm unsure whether to choose this Tropical Leaves Pink Kit or this Hope Floral offering, but it's this dreamy Moon Embroidery Kit that I'm tempted by the most - just look at it! 

I've also spotted some new homeware pieces that I like to look of including this Love By The Moon Block Print and I actually treated myself to this String of Hearts Plant which I bought from a lovely seller. 

What's on your April to-do list? 

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