Saturday, 19 October 2019

Creating An Autumn Theme For Instagram

Autumn always inspires me when it comes to the content I create. I love the orange, rust and mustard tones that it brings and I've been incorporating these in homeware and outfits that I've been shooting on Instagram. Here's my top tips and what I've been doing to create this Autumn theme on my grid. You can follow my Instagram here if you like what you see! 

Using A Preset | You obviously don't have to use a preset to create a theme, but I personally do. I use I Am via Colorstory as well as A section on VSCO as I find it's a super easy way to edit my snaps on the go as well as adding vibrance to certain elements of the image too. After adding a preset to my photographs, I go in with Lightroom to help with any imbalances in light and I like playing around with the colour balance too. 

Follow Autumn Inspo Accounts | If you're struggling with motivation, whether it's your outfit styling or your editing, I would 100% recommend finding account that give you inspiration. I have been loving general Autumn accounts like "Cozy Season Vibes", "Halloween Magick" and of course "Hunting For Autumn" as they compile lots of dreamy set ups that other accounts have shared and therefore it's easy to find new feeds to follow from there too. 

Go Festive! | There's so many things I love about Autumn and although in past years I've not wanted to go all out, this year has been completely different. I love creating cosy set ups with mugs and blankets as well as decorating my house with Halloween decorations too. I think seasonal themed content whether it's a home post or a mustard outfit that matches the colour of fallen, crisp leaves, definitely does super well at this time of the year! 

How do you embrace Autumn on your Instagram feed? 

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