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Instagram For Beginners - How I Create Fashion Content

Instagram For Beginners - How I Create Fashion Content
Instagram For Beginners - How I Create Fashion Content
Instagram For Beginners - How I Create Fashion Content
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Around the time I was starting to pose for fashion photographs, I remember reading this post from Hello Miss Jordan and feeling more confident to get my teeth stuck into the new challenge. Since Summer of last year I've been working on posing for photographs and  improving my editing and despite being a long way from nailing it every time, I've definitely picked up some tips that I thought I would share with you today. Of course it goes without saying that you don't have to plan content or have a theme all the time, as I don't always myself, but here are a few techniques I've picked up over the past year. 

Burst Mode | I take all my outfit shots on an iPhone, so the burst mode is my best friend. Sometimes I have an idea of how I want to pose in my head and I don't need to move around a lot or I'm opting for a blurrier background, so portrait mode is best, but my default is burst. It means I can move around and get a variety of poses in a short amount of time, so I have more photographs to choose from and they can look a little bit more natural this way. 

A Preview App | I don't like to plan too far ahead, but with each new season, I like to have a few things I want to shoot in mind. When it comes to going on holiday or even just creating content in bulk, I use the Preview App to help plan what order I'm going to post things. This helps to make sure that colours work well together and to make sure I'm not posing in similar ways too close together. 

Editing | I currently use a mixture of VSCO, Colorstory (Noelle's I Am series if you're wondering) and then Light Room. The latter is my favourite for all the major tweaks especially when it comes to popping colour in a photograph and adding grain if I fancy. Editing is something I'm learning much more about as the time goes on and my process has definitely changed even in the last couple of months, but I find editing and coming back to the photograph a few hours or even a day later can help me understand what needs adding before posting. 
Instagram For Beginners - How I Create Fashion Content
Instagram For Beginners - How I Create Fashion Content
Alternate Hashtags | I've got lots of hashtags ready to post in my notes app on my phone. I personally like to put them into three sections; home, beauty and fashion. Within each category, I have around four different variants of hashtags so that I use something new for each photograph I post and if I'm on holiday, I like to make sure I post relevant hashtags to where I've visited. Here are a few of my favourite fashion hashtags:

#ootdbloggers #asseenonme #midsizeblogger #anysizestyle #averagegirlsize #styleinspo #instastyle #realifeandsytle #discoverunder10k #everydaylook #outfitstyling #howtostyle #trendhunder #streetstyle #wiwtoday #fwis #wearthisnext #thatspringfeeling #anotheroutfitpost #ootdshare #chooselovely #fashionaddict #lovely_squares #momentsofmine #ootdmagazine 

The main reason why I like to alternate hashtags is because it's super easy to get shadow banned on Instagram now. This means that your photographs won't be shown in a hashtag because Instagram believes that you've used it too much and therefore it believes you are spam. This is super annoying and something that has lost me a lot of like and engagement before I realised this was happening, but I find Geo Tagging my location (where you've taken the photograph) is a good way to get more people to your profile too. 

Allow Change | Ahh okay, so this isn't exactly an app to recommend or a way I like to photograph, but instead a note on how much my Instagram has changed since I first started. In the Autumn, I lean more towards the darker edits, whilst in the warmer seasons, I like to add pops of colour here and there. I'm sure that as I grow, I will change further and I think that's the best thing about it - being able to experiment, mess up sometimes and start again if needs be.  

What are your top Instagram tips? 

Shop my outfits photographed in this blog post here (with some alternatives too!): 


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