Saturday, 29 December 2018

What I've Been Up To This Christmas

What I've Been Up To This Christmas
What I've Been Up To This Christmas
I spent the majority of December not feeling very festive, but with a London trip planned for the weekend before Christmas, I knew that I was bound the feel Christmassy towards the end. We spent a couple of days wandering around the Southbank, eating our way through every food stall (the vegan burger I had was amazing!) and then going to all the "blogger spots" in London to snap some photographs. The Natural History Museum ice rink was super gorgeous, but it was lovely to get some outfit photos taken in South Kensington too as it wasn't busy at all which meant we got some lovely snaps. Convent Garden was very busy, but the tree and car you've probably see all over Instagram was dreamy too especially as the sun was setting as we were wandering around! 

To finish off the weekend we headed back to see our friends for an annual friendmas which consisted of lots of drinks and giggles. It was then quickly Christmas eve which we both spent working before heading to my Dad's ready for Christmas day. We started with pizza, my ultimate beige food which was quickly scoffed in front of the TV watching Elf and Home Alone 2 (what's your favourite festive films?). Christmas day arrived and honestly it was amazing. I promise I love Christmas for more than just the food, but my dad made a blue cauliflower cheese and honestly it's game changing! 

Boxing Day arrived quickly, along with more presents, food and games. I felt like both days went by in a flash and before I knew it I was heading to my Dad's 50th which was on the 27th for a Wagamamas and snowboarding. I've spent the past day or so having a bit of a re-fresh and rest from all the socialising as I've been feeling slightly under the weather again. I always feel like I need to rest as much as I can between the 27th-31st before New Year's Eve arrives, but I already want to get going on work I've got planned for 2019. 

What did you get up to this Christmas? 

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