Thursday, 18 October 2018

The Item I'm Glad I Added To My Wardrobe

Budget ASOS Animal Print Skirt
Budget ASOS Animal Print Skirt
Animal print is all the rage at the moment and I'm loving it as I've now got myself a new pair of leopard boots, a skirt and I've got my eye on a coat too! Today, I'm talking about the item I'm glad I added to my wardrobe and ways in which I plan to style it too. 

So, what's the new wardrobe addition I'm talking about? It's the ASOS Animal Jacquard Wrap Skirt of course. The buckle detail and jazzy print makes it stand out whenever I want to jazz up a plain black jumper and boots. It can be dressed up with a pair of simple heels and a silky number up top or dressed down with a jumper and a pair of boots. Here are a few tops I feel like could work with it: 

Buying skirts in the Autumn can be a little risky as although it's still fairly warm outside at the moment, the cold weather is definitely coming. I always make sure that a skirt can be worn easily with the coats in my collection and a pair of tights if needs be too. This looks great with both and despite the eye popping design, it's actually pretty versatile. 

Budget ASOS Animal Print Skirt
If you're new to the animal print trend I would say to start on the bottom half first as it's slightly easier to style. A pair of boots like my New Look pair are great to pair with a plain outfit and is definitely a great way to start if you're a bit wary. If you're wardrobe is mostly monochrome already then you'll love adding a skirt as it's so easy to chop and change with the jumpers and tee's already in your collection. 

I'm still yet to tackle wearing this snazzy design up top as I find myself picking the most garish prints out which other people look uber cool in, but I look like something even Pat Butcher would turn her nose up at. 

Are you a fan of the animal print trend? 
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