Thursday, 25 October 2018

Am I Stopping Beauty Blogging?

You may have seen lots of changes on my Instagram especially when the new season rolled around and even my blog has got a bit of an overhaul recently. Not only have you been seeing what I've been wearing a lot more, but you've been getting almost daily photographs of my face and home too, which has brought up the question of "am you giving up on beauty blogging" and today I'm answering it. 

To put it simply - I'm definitely not. Beauty blogging is what started of PSB and it's in the name! On my blog, this will always be a place where I can put my rambles and although some weeks it may be heavier on the lifestyle, homeware and fashion front, there will always be a regular spot for beauty content too. As for my Instagram however, I've been enjoying posting my outfit shots so much that I can't see it stopping anytime soon, in fact I've got plans to do it more if I can. It's nice to share a little bit more about myself too as I've been running this blog for nearly four years now (where has the time gone?) and I realised that I don't share much about myself or personality. 

I've got to admit though I've been in a bit of slump recently with my content on my blog in general as I've been enjoying creating regularly fashion content for my Instagram so much it can sometimes feel like I focus on that. I think that now the Autumn weather is finally here and Christmas is on its way (sorry if you didn't want to think about that) I'll start getting more inspiration for upcoming blog posts. 

Creating themed flatlays and sharing my current favourite beauty products are all what makes me come back to this place on the internet and I wouldn't change it for the world. Yes, at times I've been irritated by various elements of the blogging world, but there's no doubt it has shaped me in many ways. 

Outfit Details 

What would you like to see from me in the next few months? 

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