Tuesday, 17 July 2018

I Took Two Weeks Off and This Is What Happened

I took two weeks off and this is what happened...the world didn't implode. To say I was nervous about taking some proper time away from my laptop is a huge understatement, as I had so much work to do before I left. But even after completing everything I had to do, I kept getting this gut feeling that something was going to go horribly wrong. Thankfully it didn't and I returned yesterday to a very full to-do list and what seemed like endless emails to reply to... but I managed it; I had a whole two weeks off and here's what I did: 

The first weekend didn't get off to the best start. I went to fix my iPhone and ended up getting into a car crash on the way there. After a few tears and phone calls, by Monday we were on our way to Wales where we were spending our week with friends riding our bikes. Let me tell you, some days were so tough, but ever so rewarding too. It was so hot and I've got some very peculiar tan lines as a result, even though I was slathered in factor 50 all day, every day. Our friend bought down a BBQ, a griddle and lots of veggie goodness, so dinnertime was something to look forward to - it's given me a few ideas for upcoming recipes on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

There was only one day I didn't get on my bike and that was when everyone went to ride Snowdon for several hours and I stayed in the town below. I pottered around the shops and lakes, reading my book and spending a lot of time people watching in the pub - it was my definition of bliss! On our last day, we went the beach and saw so many jellyfish I couldn't believe it - I got lots of sunny snaps and despite only being on the beach for a few hours, I was knackered on the drive back. After coming back from our first week away, we spent every day seeing friends and family, catching up and having a giggle. I saw my friend who I haven't seen in four months since she's been travelling and I avoided work by going for lots of pub garden lunches. The weekend rolled around much quicker than I wanted it to, but we made sure we did something every day and it was amazing.  

I also wanted to share a couple of things that I learnt from my time away too as I always like to reflect on it: 

My Brain Doesn't Switch Off | As a blogger and social media manager, I often joke to people that it's a 24/7 job and that my brain doesn't switch off at 6pm like many others, but I didn't quite realise how true this was until I was stress panicking that the 9:00am tweet I scheduled for X company should be going live as I was part way through eating my breakfast. Although I'm not always able to do so and it is part of the job I enjoy, at times I need to take a whole weekend off to do...wait for it...absolutely nothing and let my brain rest for more than five minutes. 

The Burn Out Has Gone | In June, I was reaching a point where I felt like I wasn't progressing and a burn out was on the horizon, but honestly my holiday has made it go away completely. I feel like I have super fresh ideas for my blog and I've had to write them all down just so I don't forget them. I think having half a month to myself and to think about everything else has actually been beneficial for my creativity too, especially as Summer is a struggle for me when it comes to blog post ideas. 

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Has taking time off ever benefited you in any way? 

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