Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Red Fields Of Poppies

Last weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, both figuratively and literally. I battled with taking these poppy photographs without flashing the whole town, falling off my bike and getting quite a lot of bruises (and nettle stings), then having Monday come around far too quickly. I spotted this gorgeous red-filled field a couple of weeks back and knew that I had to do a shoot there, but scrambling over the thorns and thistles to get there proved a little more difficult than I had thought. Nevertheless, I got the shots and I'm super happy to share them with you today. 

This red ruffle dress you've seen before, as I've shared a snap of it a month or so back. The bandana hair tie has taken me a while to get used to as I started to use it by attaching it to my bag to spruce it up, then experimenting with it by putting it in my low pony tail, definitely adding something to the outfit.

The poppy fields inspired me to get a little bit more creative with my upcoming fashion content; taking more photographs instead of opting for just one angle and spending more than five minutes trying to get the shot (although sometimes I'm super lucky and get it within a couple of minutes!). I've got lots of locations planned and written down for the next couple of months, so I'm feeling super inspired to get out there with my new outfits. 

I experimented with a different editing technique this time around, so I would love to know your thoughts on the outcome. I think it looks like a vintage Summer's evening, but also not too sure if it looks a bit drab and not bright or pink enough. I'm still trying to slowly get my head around it as it requires different techniques to flatlays or product shots. 

I've been loving the simplicity of styling outfits this Summer, as if it's hot outside I can simply throw on a floaty dress and a pair of strappy sandals and be good to go. Locations aren't complicated, but I'm loving incorporating fields of flowers into my photographs and getting more creative as I go on. I want to give myself the challenge of putting together fashion blog posts regularly and doing more spontaneous shoots too - watch this space. 

What have you been up to this weekend? 

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