Sunday, 24 June 2018

A Date Night-In Routine

Early last week, myself and Tom said we'd like a date night in with games, drinks and no-phones as a way to have a laugh without spending many pennies and having a bit of a social media break in the process. It was absolutely blissful, so much so we ended up doing it the following night too and I thought I'd share with you a few essentials for a night like this (even if you do it on your own!) as something different for the blog today. 

Comfies | I usually look forward to making myself up for date night, so to be in my comfies felt like I was being cheated out of a being able to dress up, but I loved it nevertheless. How can you expect to win at scrabble if you're not at peak cosiness? Here are a few of my favourite PJ picks at the moment: 

The Games | Monopoly is a game I have a love, hate relationship for. I go through "I'm loving this" to "I'm going to quit if you even look in my direction" as you're at stand off when both of you have a card each other needs. Scrabble, however is more of a game that involves less board throwing and more thinking, so I like it, but if you don't want a board game then Bananagrams is great too. Have you got any games you'd recommend? 
Snacks | Personally I think nibbles and or a dinner that you can share like baked camembert in a great idea for date night. Nothing too heavy and something that you can pick at throughout the night or go for a full blow out, ordering pizza/Chinese/chip shop chips or all of the above. Our favourite dinner at the moment is one that's got rosemary focaccia, olives, all the cheese and salad - this spread is to die for!  

Music + Candles | Hygge was a massive buzz word the other year, but I'm still embracing in my own little way. We have a speaker set up to our Spotify that allows us to put whatever playlist we want on and it's a great alternative to having the TV constantly on in the background. Candles are perfect if you want to make it ultra-romantic too! I've made a playlist of my favourite background tunes (some cheesy ones too!) here: 

Do you like having date night ins? 

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