Saturday, 19 May 2018

Why I'm Changing My Instagram

You may have noticed that since the New Year I have started to switch up my Instagram. Even more so lately, when I started to incorporate fashion and lifestyle into the mix too. I've been on a rollercoaster of emotions as of late with regards to my blog and my feed, so I thought I'd give you a little bit of a run down of my thoughts, feeling and what's going to change to my grid this Summer. 

More Fashion Content | Who knew that I'd fall in love with fashion photography, but here we are. I've been getting Tom to take full length shots of me and taking selfies of myself too. I thought it would be the posing that I'd struggle with the most, but actually it's been the editing that has been the element I've needed to get used to. I've still got a long way to go, but I'm enjoying the different processes fashion content takes me through and I feel more inspired to get going. 

Playing Around With Cinegraphs and Styling | I have to thank Me and Orla for my burst of creativity because, I've loved thinking up new ideas for the Instagram. Whether that's playing around with flower tattoos or adding moving steam to a cup of tea, I just wanted to play around with my feed a bit more. 

Theme or No Theme | I've always struggled with themes as I've never been 100% sure about what colours I wanted to go for. At the moment I'm going with a warm, neutral feel as I feel like it embodies Spring, but I know that I'll be changing it as the weeks go on. At the moment I'm just embracing the change and going with the flow. 

Why I'm Changing | Over the past few months, especially the past four weeks, I've been feeling like blogging and Instagramming in general had started to become a bit of a chore and I was stuck in a creative rut of producing content that look near enough the same as the picture before. I thought giving myself new tasks to complete and going with the flow when my creativity strikes rather than forcing it would help me create content I was proud of - and it has! This sudden spate and desire to make cinegraphs, fashion content and play around with my photographs may not stick around forever, but for now I'm excited to see what direction my Instagram will go in. 

What are your thoughts on Instagram? Are you experimenting with anything at the moment? 

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