Wednesday, 23 May 2018

What I've Learnt From Posting Fashion Content For A Month

I've been posting regular fashion content on my Instagram over the past month or so after contemplating it for many months (actually years if you included the psyching up period). I started out with selfies of the tees I was wearing or flatlays of pieces I'd bought, then worked my way up to getting Tom to take photographs of me. I wanted to share with you a few of my thoughts on the process and what I thought of my new photographs. 

New Found Respect For Fashion Bloggers | I've always being in awe of fashion photography, but since turning my hand to it myself I've got a new found respect for it even more. From the posing to the editing, to getting the right angle or even time of day, it's all so difficult and what I thought I would find hard, I haven't and vice versa. 

Experimenting Is Half The Fun | I've got so many ideas whirling around my head at the moment, but almost all of the photographs I've shot have been on a whim. I've got a few shoot locations coming up, but it's actually the more casual shots on a Sunny Saturday afternoon that have been my favourite. Experimenting with poses I've found hard as I don't want them to appear too posed, but my sunglasses have definitely helped me feel more confident. 

Over Analysing Every Detail | I feel like maybe I'll get better at this one over time, but I over analyse every finite detail at the moment from placement of my hands to how my dresses sit right. I know that my perfectionism will get me a photograph I'm moslyt happy with, but it's when I have to edit it or stare at it too long that I start to dislike it. 

Editing Is My Biggest Hang Up | I can't seem to get the editing process right, but just like flatlays took me a while to get into the swing of it, I'm having patience with my fashion content too. I've opted for more a blurred, warm style for Spring, but I'm sure i'll keep switching it up depending on my mood, season and what outfit I'm showcasing. 

Photos On Insta vs The Blog | Talking of editing, the process has been difficult when it comes to Instagram editing vs blog ones. I've kept them exactly the same for the time being, but on my Instagram I want a brighter, warmer tone whereas on my blog I'd like something a little bit more detailed and 'professional' looking. For now, I'm keeping it candid, mostly shot on an iPhone and just getting my head around the whole process first before tampering with it too much. 

The stripy tee I'm wearing in this photograph is the ASOS Amour Stripe Print T-Shirt (it comes in a curve version too!)

Do you like the fashion content I'm posting? What would you like to see more of? 

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