Thursday 17 May 2018

Living Room Tour

 When it comes to styling a living room, I want to create an airy, yet cosy space that I want to relax in, but that doesn't feel too overcrowded. Despite being in our house for over a year now I still haven't got it exactly how I want it, but I wanted to share with you a little tour of our space nevertheless. 

We're very lucky to have a fireplace and an exposed wall which pull everything together nicely. On one side I like to compile a selection of my favourite candles ready to light when I please, while on the other I have two prints resting up against the wall with a light (similar to this one) although it's originally from Clas Ohlson inside a cage. Unfortunately this is no longer available and I haven't found any dupes yet. 

On the wall above I have a hanging planter with a string of pearls plant in it and- oh my - I can't believe it's taken me this long to have a planter in my house, but now I want them everywhere! It's the perfect touch and, although it only takes up a small amount of space on the wall, I feel like it's filled a space which needed some colour. 
 When we moved in, one of the first things we did was put shelving in one of the alcoves as it was just a bare space that was begging to be made the most of. We kept to the style of our house with the fixtures we chose, but wanted to add books, plants and my beloved Crosley Record Player to make it our own. It's one that I love to switch around a lot with Diptyque candles under cloches and fresh flowers in vases to add colour and texture. 

Talking of shelves, I got ladder ones similar to these Habitat ones after searching for some time and they've been a great addition to my living room as I can stack books, add plants and other decorative accessories like this Hello Brass Object. It lives next to my sofa with an Ikea Lamp hanging over it at the perfect height. Our living room is quite long length-wise but not very wide, so I feel like the leaning ladder shelves makes for a good use of space. 

Behind the sofa there's a blank wall which I've ordered prints for, including this Anne-Dornan Smith offering which I think will look adorable up on the wall (don't worry a print wall post is coming!). I've got quite a few prints scattered around the place, but a few of the one's featured are soon to be replaced as I've had them for a fair few years and we took them from our old flat, so I think I've stared at them too long. I love using typography especially but I'm incorporating textures into prints too, including greens and pinks to make the brass accents in my house pop more. 
On the sofa, I have two cushions; a simple grey one and then a Bombay Duck one which is one of my favourite finds. Cushions are something that are interchangeable and I love finding budget ones from supermarkets to so I don't feel guilty when I want to switch from monochrome picks to adding a pop of colour. ASOS actually has been a great place to scour for homeware finds as they have some amazing pieces in there, including Spot and Eyes Cushion and Concrete Magnetic Planters

I've got an old runner rug from H&M underneath my Argos Coffee Table, but I feel like I'm in need of a new one as it's got a bit battered over the years so I've got my eyes open. I'm thinking something like this Pimkie Tassel Rug would work well in the space that I have. 

At the very end of my living room I have an Oliver Bonas Copper Wall Rack with two vinyls on top, a cactus and another stack of books. I feel like it's been the one thing I've never got bored of despite having it when I first moved out - It's a keeper!

What do you think of my living room tour? 

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