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Engagement and Wedding Q&A

Wedding Engagement Q&A
Since getting engaged, I can't tell you how many times I've been asked "when's the wedding?", but as quite a few people wanted me to do a engagement Q&A, I thought I'd answer some of the other questions I've been asked. 

Did You Expect Him To Propose/Were You Suspicious? 

I didn't have a clue! We already had a week off the week he proposed, so it made sense to do a mini break away, but it didn't occur to me that's what he was up to at all. Even on the way down he questioned why I hadn't painted my nails and made a big fuss (he knew that I would prefer to have them painted when getting proposed to), yet the penny still didn't drop. 

Have You Got Any Idea Of The Dress you Want? 

I do, however I haven't found one that has made me swoon enough yet. I think I'm going to opt for a lace long sleeved, midi dress. I think it'd be complimented nicely with gold accents in the hair and maybe a pair of classic white or nude heels too. I've got to admit my tastes change quite a lot, so we'd have to see nearer the time. 

How Are You Finding Planning Your Wedding Or Have You Not Started? 

We haven't really started planning much yet, just the brief idea of what we want to happen. I have always been adamant about being engaged for a little while and staying in a happy bubble for a period of time before throwing myself into planning. At the moment, we both just want to enjoy our engagement and will probably start planning at the end of the year. 

Favourite Flowers For The Wedding?

This will obviously change depending on the season we get married, but of course it'd have to be peonies. In fact, I'd love anything pink, white and big! 

Are You Going To Have A Traditional Wedding? 

This is quite a big one and I've been asked whether I'm having a church wedding time and time again, but big shocker here; I want to elope. Since I was little I was never someone who dreamt of their big day, in fact the thought of having everyone's eyes on me is enough to make my stomach flip now, so we both decided many moons ago that we'd like to do something intimate and personal to us. This definitely has it perks as the money we'd spend on a 'traditional wedding' can go on eloping and having our honeymoon straight afterwards. The dream would be to do it in America and then do a road trip, however we're happy if we decide to do it as a Europe tour instead. 

What's My Favourite Colour Scheme For Weddings At The Moment? 

We won't obviously be having a colour scheme, but if I was to have a traditional wedding it'd probably be outside with lots of greenery, earthy colours and of course, white. 

Is Your Dream Wedding The Same As When You Were A Kid?

As I previously mentioned, I never really dreamt of getting married, but I think that in itself has stayed pretty true. I always knew that I wouldn't want the spotlight on me and that I'd like to keep it low key. 

Are Their Any Traditions You're Going To Ditch?

Obviously, one huge part is that we won't be having any guests, bridesmaids or a best man as we're eloping, but aside from that, I could see myself not wearing a veil (this may change if I find one I like!) and opt for a midi dress rather than a full length one. 

Let's Talk Wedding Makeup and Hair 

See, this is the element of the wedding I want to get right way before the day to stop me from panicking. Although I like the idea of someone else doing my makeup, I think it'd make me too anxious putting it into someone else's hands, so I think I'll be doing it myself. I am going to start testing out long lasting foundations and new combinations pretty early on, so I can get them exactly right. 

As for hair, I feel like it'd like a new hair colour, but to be able to get used to it before the big day I'd get it done once or twice before hand. I'll probably have half my hair tied back with a gold accent hair clip and maybe even flowers. Hair is something I'm rather picky on, so it's one I need to have a good ol' think about. 

What Order Are You Planning On Organising in? 

First things first, we have to save and plan for that, realistically setting a budget. As we'll be going abroad, we definitely need to research where we'd like to go, costs of flights/hotels and how we go about actually getting married there. Once I get a rough idea of all of that, we can start assigning the budgets to other elements like photographers, outfits and rings. We're planning on taking a couple of years to plan and organise it anyway to make it as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible. 

Have you got any other engagement/wedding questions? 

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