Friday, 29 December 2017

17 Great Things In 2017

As one of my ways to round up 2017 on the blog, I wanted to dedicate a whole post to the things I've achieved, places I've been to and what I've done in 12 months. Here are seventeen of my top things that have happened in the past year. 

1. Our trip to Paris in August was just perfect; filled with croissants, roaming the sights and spending time in the sun. Making my first trip to Sephora was a pretty good highlight too. I think we're going to try out another city break in 2018 like Amsterdam, Bruges or Barcelona. 

2. Getting back on bikes was one of my top things of 2017 and it meant that we got some pretty amazing holidays in too - bonus! We headed to Wales a couple of times and to Scotland too. It was great to get muddy all day then come home to warm up by the fire then go out with a brisk walk. 

3. As a fussy eater who breaks out in a cold sweat over trying anything new, food discoveries are high up there with the great things that happened to me this year, including olives which are now a staple in my diet. In late Spring, I finally decided to turn vegetarian for good again and I'm so glad I did as it's really made a difference to the new foods I try and taste. 

4. At the end of the Summer we went to the outdoor cinema to see Shaun of The Dead and I would 100% do the same again this Summer too. It was cool to watch one of our favourite movies wrapped up in a blanket under the stars. 

5. If you follow me on anything else, then you'll know that in 2018 I want to make more of a conscious effort to make friends, but I wanted to give a mention to those friends I've made this year including Hannah, Amy, Phoebe and Fee. 

6. Reaching 5k on both Bloglovin and Instagram were huge milestones for me and my blog; I still can't believe how much all of my platforms have grown and how many people are now reading my little space on the internet. 

7. Back in April we went to the Harry Potter studios for the second time and it was even more magical than the first time around. I think having an idea of what to expect so I could savour each part without rushing the next was key.

8. I got to work with some incredible brands this year and I reached some of my own personal blogging goals that I set myself at the start of January. Next year, I've got a few brands that I want to work with, so watch this space. 

9. In May, we went for an overnight stay in Liverpool and to Chester Zoo too and it was so good! 'The Secret Life of the Zoo' is one of our guilty pleasures so it was amazing to meet the characters in person, plus Malmaison Hotel was gorgeous.

10. Although I wasn't going to mention this due to a few reasons, I just had to include it because I'm so proud of where I am right now. In 6 months, by working out regularly whilst eating what I feel like, I managed to lose 33 pounds! 

11. I finally put a name to my social media management business- Bloomed Digital- and I'm so glad I did as I'm super happy with it. I can't wait to see what the New Year brings for my little business. 

12. I won Best Beauty Blog in the Bloggers Blog Awards! It's still so surreal that people voted for me and it really encourages me to reflect on what I've achieved. 

13. One of the biggest goals for me in 2017 was to make sure that I made the most out of each and every season whilst enjoying every event that was going on. I'm so glad that  I did because I got to have some great experiences. I tried to make sure that I saw the newborn spring lambs, got out in the warm weather and stomped through the autumn leaves. It was also my 21st birthday in October which is obviously a massive milestone. 

14. When it decided to snow in December I got Tom to take some photographs of me and I'm so glad that I got over my fear of being photographed for the afternoon as they came out amazing. 

15. I continued to volunteer in 2017 and got some amazing opportunities from it including being able to do a short course! Through my own business, I have managed to push my boundaries and become more proud of myself. 

16. We went to see Russell Kane live and it was fantastic - I'm so glad we already have another stand up show planned for early Summer already (Joe Lycett if I haven't mentioned it for the 100th time). 

17. On our bucket list we planned to visit food markets and- as I mentioned- I got a bit obsessed with olives, spending £15 on a huge pot in one go. Food markets have become one of my favourite places to visit at Christmas or in the Summertime. 

What are your favourite moments of 2017? 

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