Wednesday 25 October 2017

Decorating Your Home: Beginners Tips

Decorating Your Home For Beginners
One of my favourite things to do is decorating my home; I love filling it with seasonal pieces and a lot of thought goes into every ornament, piece of furniture and even light fitting I have in my house. I wanted to share a few of my top tips when decorating your home for beginners. 

Rent or Own, Think Through Your Decisions | We currently rent which means we've got to be careful not to make any lasting damage, but luckily we're still able to hang up prints and put up shelves. Even if you own your home, I would always say to avoid making too much damage to walls until you're 100% sure you're certain. We're all made irrational decisions which we then regret, so I would say that although it may be obvious to some, one of my top tips is to think through decisions. 

Affordable Starter Pieces | When I moved out, I knew IKEA would be my one stop shop for furniture because of it's affordability. You can often get great furniture in supermarkets, Dunelm and Homesense too without it breaking the bank. I think we have all felt the pressure to make our homes something Pinterest would be proud of, but affordable starter pieces like sofas and bed frames don't have to look boring just because they are easy on the purse strings. I particularly like jazzing up areas with cushions, throws and duvet covers to update an area - Matalan and H&M being two of my go-to shops. 

Think Of The Little Things Too | I don't mean just spatulas and cheese graters, although kitchen appliances are ones that are easy to forget about, I mean ornaments and pieces that make a house feel like a home. I didn't prioritise these when I first moved out because I knew that we would be in dire need of furniture, but after a while I got a few extras that filled out my home perfectly. Rugs can make your house feel more homely and having frames or personal items like a record player can make you feel more comfortable, especially if it's the first time living away from home. 

It'll Feel Bare To Begin With | I'm on the second home I've lived in since moving out and it's only now, 2 and a half years on, that I feel like my house doesn't feel or look bare. I wanted it this way because I didn't want to fill my home with pieces I'd only be interested in for the next three months and I wanted to fill spaces up with items that made me happy to look at. It's taken a while, but even I'm debating what curtains I want in our bedroom and whether we need an extra rug in our living room. (or maybe that's just me being indecisive.) 

What are your best tips when it comes to decorating your home?  


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