Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Wows and Woes Of Daily Blogging

Since August I have turned my hand to daily blogging and after nearly 6 months experience, I thought I would share with you the woes and wows of blogging everyday. 

You Actually Get More Ideas | My mind is constantly whizzing about and thinking of new post ideas, something that I never expected once I started daily blogging. Although when I get writers block, I really get writers block, the ideas are constantly flowing and I tend to start drafting my ideas weeks in advance. If I'm struggling, I tend to pick up a product that I am smitten with and think of 3 blog post ideas in which that product can fit in to - It's the perfect way to think of a variety of ideas quickly. 

You Learn A Lot | Through daily blogging I have learnt what works, what doesn't and what interests me the most. More so recently, I have also learnt a lot about the mistakes I made when I first started to take blogging seriously. I now put more time into thinking about the content I'm going to produce which means that I create better content overall. 

Engagements, Numbers and Rewards | There's no denying that my numbers have increased since blogging daily; I get more unique viewers, I increase Bloglovin followers more often and generally get more comments too. Despite this, I still don't like to focus on the numbers and instead, I continue to try and create high equality, engaging content that will make people come back for more. The rewards are obviously a massive perk, but it all comes with hard work, determination and patience too. 

Taking Breaks Become Even More Important | Although I've had some gaps in my content over the past six months, on the whole I've barely had a breather since I started. The Christmas period enabled me to take time out and I actually thought about how important it is that you take a break every now and again to refresh your ideas. I don't have to disrupt your daily blogging schedule to take a few days off as I can take bulk photographs when I can and write once it's got dark to keep up with my blog posts. 

Finding A Routine | Of course it goes without saying that daily blogging requires planning and lots of hard work. The thing I'm worst at is accidentally writing the same post twice, just months apart, as it's super easy to lose track of what you've written about already. A neat, well planned out schedule is vital, so if you're a rather spontaneous person when it comes to posting you may struggle. 

You Need To Enjoy It Above All Else | If I ever lose the joy of posting everyday or if one day, I feel myself too overwhelmed with the idea of publishing, I will simply stop. Enjoying it must come before everything and luckily, I find daily blogging rewarding, motivating and it continues to put a smile on my face every day. 

Would you consider daily blogging? 

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