Thursday, 5 January 2017

Lifestyle Favourites Of 2016

The other week I did a whole post about my beauty favourites of 2016, so of course I had to do an accompanying post all about my lifestyle favourites too. 

Homeware and stationery were a massive part of 2016 for me and with moving house to a two up, two down cottage, I knew that I wanted a refresh of my interior. From Rifle Paper Co prints to calendars, I scoured the internet for copper and brass accents, cacti and patterned soft furnishings to give my house the spruce up it needed. All in all I'm happy with the progress I've made, but I'm sure 2017 will be filled to the brim with new and exciting additions - Watch this space! 

When my computer packed in and wouldn't start one morning last year, my heart did a million flips and then the panic set in. As someone who does 90% of their work on the computer, I knew that I would be lost without it and I was in desperate need of an update. I still can't believe I got my hands on a MacBook Air (with emergency help from my boyfriend, Tom too!) and I don't regret one penny that was spent. It's super easy to use and I feel like it has enabled me to work twice as hard since. 

This year I really enjoyed delving into a book or two, in fact since I re-started my love affair with reading back in July I never thought I'd make it through nearly fifteen books by the end of the year. From Harry Potter to Rachel's Holiday, I have enjoyed a wide variety of topics and I'm sure that in 2017 I will read a whole lot more, in fact it's one of my top goals for the next 12 months, so do let me know if you have any recommendations. 

I really wanted to make an effort in late 2016 to spend more time outdoors, exploring and photographing and although I managed it to the best of my ability, it's still something I'd like to improve on in the upcoming year. Walking helps me relax and I actually prefer it when I'm wrapped up and it's chilly outside because you get to see the frost forming and you feel super cosy when you're inside. In February, we went to Wales and it was a great excuse to get away and relax just me and Tom. We explored the countryside, photographed many rolling hills and we found a glorious restaurant which enabled us to watch the waves crash against the shore whilst we ate - I think we might need to head there this year too! 

What were some of your lifestyle favourites of 2016? 

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