Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Little Luxuries

Whenever I am feeling down, I always turn to pampering and the little luxuries in life to pick me up. Fresh sheets, luxe feeling products and anything with glitter or lace on can be an instant mood lifter and something that I like to invest in whenever possible. 

Pampering yourself is a little luxury of mine that I try and make a regular thing. Lush is my favourite place to pick up a pamper product, whether it be a bath bomb or body cream. The Lush Comforter Bubble Bar is perfect and an essential of mine whenever I want to create big, blackcurrant scented bubbles that will fill up my bath and nourish my skin. 

Aside from fresh, crisp sheets, wearing a new set of silky pyjamas is a great way to treat yourself. These ASOS Cactus Print PJ's are heavenly and are an instant pick me up. Satin feeling PJ's are lightweight on the skin, they feel luxurious and can be incredibly affordable if you shop around - I now think I need to own a few pairs, maybe these ASOS Miley Matching Set next?

Basic cami's are something I dread buying, but add a bit of lace to the hem and you've got me hooked. Lace is one of my favourite ways to add something to an outfit and lacey cami's can be worn throughout the seasons with ease. This New Look Navy Cami looks amazing paired with a pair of ripped jeans or tucked into a pair of striped culottes for warmer days. Lace trims when done right can make any piece of clothing look more expensive, well put together and can finish of an outfit like no other. 

Finding a perfume that makes you feel good is an essential for me. Whether it's a £10 fragrance or a £100 one, it's important to feel comfortable in what you're wearing. For me nothing beats Jo Malone. The luxurious range of scents and just the packaging as a whole makes me feel like a princess whenever I wear them. If you're looking to treat yourself then I would 100% recommend giving these a whiff. 

I never usually do my own nails as I am an avid acrylic wearer, but in between letting my nails breathe I like to treat my paws to a pamper. The Tanya Burr Soft Pyjamas Nail Varnish and Essie Summit Of Style are the perfect duo for luxe looking nails. The soft nude lilac undercoat looks classy with any outfit, but the added gold speckles adds an overall shine to the nails. 

Makeup doesn't have to be expensive to feel luxe, high quality products can come with low prices too - The Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Palette and Sleek Solstice Highlighters being two of my favourite high street gems. 

From peonies to roses, flowers are a great pick me up on rainy days or sunny afternoons. I like to pick up a bunch or two every couple of weeks to brighten up the home and genuinely make me feel nicer having a bit of nature in our home. 

What are your little luxuries? 


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