Sunday 24 July 2016

Styling A Bedroom Space

Whether you're working with a large area or small, I find having a relaxing, organised bedroom space is essential for a good nights sleep and productivity. Today I am sharing with you my top tips and advice on styling a bedroom space. 

Bright Space | Although this isn't accessible for everyone due to window sizing and placement, I find even switching up the colour of your walls or the thickness of your curtains can help to make a space appear fresher and brighter. We had the choice of having our living room as our bedroom and vice versa, but I chose to have big, floor length  windows to allow for more light. Ideally I would love to have a few floaty curtains instead of blinds, but both allow us to have a bright, open space.

Textures | Whether it's adding a few scatter cushions or a blanket wrapped over the end of your bed, textures can add a lot to a bedroom. Grab yourself a metal copper basket and pile in your favourite fluffy blankets like this H&M Herringbone Blanket, to have as an emergency for those chilly nights. 
The Side Table | I could do a whole separate post on the topic of styling a bedside table because I think that it's very important when pulling together an interior. Although I like my bedroom area to be minimalistic; only sporting a hand cream, plant and book at most, I am open to the idea of switching it up. Stacks of books underneath your lamp, a propped up print or simply having an array of night time products can also help to bring any bare spaces alive. 

Keep It Simple | Contradictory to what I just said, keeping it simple in the bedroom area and sporting the "messy in a tidy way" is what I like to do. Whether your room is  tiny or big, it can be easy to accumulate clutter and floor-drobe, so having storage is essential to keeping your bedroom clean and clear. I have a set of Ikea drawers to store away my clothes and have carefully selected this Crosley Rose Gold Record Player and Muji Drawers to fit onto of them. 

Patterns | Updating your bedroom can easily start with replacing your favourite bed covers. For me, this Ikea offering is my go-to as it looks effortlessly put together and brings the whole monochrome, copper theme of my room together. Saying this, pattern can come in all forms including wood or plants, and I often go on about how greenery can brighten and add character to a space. I have a plants dotted around my flat, but they tend to be situated in and around with bed. Having them on walls can help fill empty wall space, whilst having them situated on side tables and on stools can fill an areas you have spare. 

What are your top tips on styling a bedroom space?


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