Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Guide To False Lashes

False eyelashes tend to be a staple for me whenever I am going to an event or somewhere special, but it has taken me several years to master the technique of applying them. Today, I have rounded up a handful of my favourite false eyelash tips that I have gathered over time. 

How to apply | Even though you can use your fingers or a lash applicator to apply your lashes, I find the quickest way is to use tweezers. I apply my glue directly to the strip on my lashes, wait until the glue is tacky and then apply them straight to the eye starting at the inner corner first. Don't worry if you get glue on your lid as many glues come off with some help of a cotton bud and some micellar water. 

Picking the right lashes | To feel comfortable in false eyelashes, you have pick a pair that suit your eye shape and if you're a beginner, a pair that won't put you off them for life. For me, individual eyelashes are a no-go as I don't have the patience, but they're a great way to tailor your false lashes to your needs. I prefer using demi wispies or half lashes as they're easier to get on and feel nicer to wear, however fuller lashes can look equally as nice on a night out or for photographs. 

The Red Cherry Del lashes are perfect for everyday wear, whilst the Red Cherry DW lashes are great if you want extra volume to your lashes and definition to your eyes. Eylure are the brand that I continue to go back to, as they have a wide variety of lashes to suit every season or event and they always feel incredibly comfortable to wear. The Fleur De Force Fleur Loves Lashes, the Eylure Volume 101 and Eylure Enchanted Cherished lashes are three of my favourites. 

Mascara or no mascara | This is the question many people ask and personally I think it's down to personal preference. I like to apply mascara before my lashes so that I don't need to add any additional product to my lashes which could make them look bulkier, however many say that if you don't apply mascara then they are easier to get on as you'll have straighter eyelashes. 

Trimming | I trim every pair of false eyelashes I own and I think everyone should too. As someone with small eyes, I always start from the outside and work inwards as I find this makes the lashes appear more natural when applied and it means I won't chop too much off in one go. Every eye is different whether that be in shape or size, so bending your lashes back and forth gently can make them easier to work with and appear more natural too. 

Which false lashes are your favourites?

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