Thursday, 7 January 2016

What's On My Iphone 6s | Apps To Try

If you ignore the 10 social media apps and 2000 photographs I currently have on my phone, you will find a wide selection of helpful and useful apps that I use on a daily basis. From photo editing like VSCO to my obvious obsession with Hay Day, I have selected a handful of apps that I believe everyone should try.

S T E P S + M Y W A T E R | Now I've tried my fair share of healthy and fitness apps, but Steps is the one app that has really made me think about how far I walk daily. Essentially this is just a pedometer that runs in the background so you don't even have to think about opening the app throughout the day, but it has helped me to walk more. Aside from Steps, the My Water app is another one I use daily without fail. It helps me to track how much water I am consuming and it helps me reach two litres. 

W U N D E R L I S T + T O D A Y  I S| As an excessive organiser I love keeping diaries and making lists in order for me to keep track of where I'm meant to be and when. I have used Wunderlist for many years, it took me through sixth form and I have continued to use it throughout blogging too. Today Is is the only diary app that I currently use as it allows me to input information in for a certain day without having to set a specific time. Perfect for those for just want to jot things down and move things about easily. 

V O U C H E R C O D E S | I rarely buy from an online shop or eat out without checking if there are any voucher codes that could get me money off. The Voucher Codes app and website are both great ways to save a few extra pennies whether you're treating yourself to a new lipstick or going out for a meal. 

B O O T S | As someone with a makeup addiction and enough loyalty cards to fill up a whole purse, it's no wonder that I turn to apps to keep up with the latest promotions and deals. The Boots app is a great way to monitor your points and upload your current offers to your card - A brilliant way to get a few extra £££. 

What are your must have apps?

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