Friday, 28 August 2015

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My Name is Lily and I am a beauty addict. If you are reading this, then chances are you identify with my problem. The biggest enabler of my addiction has to be other bloggers; with their endless selection of luxe products, a girl simply doesn't stand a chance. Today I am giving you the run down of the blogs that I love, but my bank account hates. 

Beauty By Kelsey | Although Kelsey makes me want to move to the US on a regular basis, it's her quality of writing and impeccable photographs that really have me hooked. With regular Sephora features, my US wishlist is now as long as my arm and I 100% have Kelsey to blame. 

Today I adore | I have loved Latasha's blog for as long as I can remember and when she fist spoke to me I may have squealed a little *blushes*. Her Radiance Boosting Skincare post may have made me go weak at the knees because anything featuring Antipodes and Oskia has a thumbs up from me. If you're looking for a blog to fall head over heels for, this is your girl. 

Emma and The Beauty Blog | *Enter some serious heart eyed emojis*. Although Emma's blog is a new find for me, it's one that I have become increasingly addicted to over the past couple of weeks. Her layout, photographs and writing are always perfect, I should probably start hating her soon. Once you get through her whole blog in one sitting, I promise that you'll be pining for more. 

Thumbellina Lillie | Not only is Megan a close friend of mine, she runs one of my all time favourite blogs and Youtube channels. Once you read one of her posts, you'll find you'll want to read them all - I promise. Since knowing Megan I have watched her blog grow and I feel like a proud mum every time she publishes a new post. Although I'm envious of her catchy content and immaculate photographs, it's actually her face that I'm most envious of (is that weird?!)

A Girl, Obsessed | I'm not entirely sure where to begin with Mandy's blog because, well, it's one of my favourites. Whenever I am in doubt about whether or not to buy a product, I always head to Mandy's blog and read her reviews. Not only will her detailed writing and regular content have you captivated, her photographs and all round loveliness shines through. A must have read in my eyes. 

What blogs have you been loving at the moment?

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