Monday, 7 November 2016

Cosy Candles and How To Care For Them

Bath and body Works Autumn Candle
Candles have been a must-have in my home since before I can remember, however I've had many that have failed to impress and not give enough throw to fragrance the house. For a cosy evening, I like nothing more than to light a few candles, wrap up in a bundle of blankets and sink myself into a favourite TV series or a gripping book. Today I am sharing with you just a handful of my beloved picks and how to get the most out of your favourites. 

I do like to splurge on a candle every now and again as I genuinely find that the ones which last the longest are those that I've spent a few more pennies on. The Diptyqye Roses Candle is traditionally a Spring and Summer fragrance due to it's fresh, flowery scent, however nothing beats this candle when you need a pick me up. This is a beautiful bedroom fragrance. 

Bath and Body Works are typically hard to find in the UK, but with Ebay, nothing is too much of a struggle to get hold of. Now that it is Autumn, I thought I'd treat myself to a candle or too and Autumn was calling my name. With notes of apple and juicy fig this is definitely one to snap up next year. In the mean time, Sweater Weather, a juniper berry and eucalyptus is a perfect addition to your Winter candle line up. 

Diptyque Roses Candle
For an affordable option, I have been smitten with the new Zoella Candles, especially My Eden, a floral pick that has a fantastic throw and is perfect for the bedroom or paired with it's matching My Eden Diffuser for a long lasting scent. Once again, this isn't typically associated with the colder seasons, however it is a great mood booster.

A signature scent in my home this Summer was The White Company's Wild Mint offering, however it has beautifully transitioned into one of my favourite Autumn/Winter scents too as the fragrance is light and kind of reminds me of candy canes. Not only is the candle one of my favourites, but the exterior is super pretty and can be easily reused after I've burnt it all.

My top tip when burning a candle is to remember that the first burn is the most important and precious as this determines how well your candle burns. To prevent tunnelling, I would recommend burning your candle for a few hours until the top layer is liquid wax. To further prevent tunnelling, I would avoid burning for short periods of time and save your candles for a cosy evening in snuggled up, however, remember you shouldn't burn them for too long as this can crack or shatter the glass. Lastly, always keep your wick short and neat this will provide a better burn, not only allowing your candle to burn cleaner, but also it will last longer - Bonus! 

What are your favourite candles?

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