Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Essie Starter Kit

Essie Starter Kit
As a nail vanish addict and Essie obsessive, I own my fair share of shades. From bright corals to pastel pinks Essie has it covered, but if you are new to the brand then you could find it overwhelming as there's so much choice. Today I am giving you the run down of the hues I think you should start with when you begin building up your collection.

The Red One| Fifth Avenue | When it comes to nail vanish I usually opt for the pastel or nude hues for everyday wear, but Fifth Avenue is the shade that has changed my opinion on wearing a bold red during the day. This glossy orange-red adds a bright wash of colour to the nail that looks perfect against an all black outfit. If you're looking for a red that will carry you through the festive season, then I would highly recommend Fifth Avenue.

The Everyday Nude | Spin The Bottle |Hands down my favourite everyday shade has to be Spin The Bottle. This muted peach nude shade compliments my skin tone, making me appear more tanned. It's perfect to throw on, only needing two coats and it lasts several days without chipping. 

The Topcoat | Summit Of Style | Everybody needs a glitter nail polish in their collection even if you only bring it out for one day a year. Summit Of Style is a classic cult shade as the golden glitter can be layered on top of any hue to create an all over sparkle, accent nail, or an ombre effect. This automatically makes a nail vanish appear more luxe and it's perfect during the Autumn, Winter and festive season. 

The Berry Hue | Bahama Mama | This deep plum hue has quickly become a staple in my collection and one that will see me through the Autumnal months. Although it's a dark, vampy shade I actually find it easy to wear as it can be built up to be a much more of a bold, statement nail. 

The Pastel Pick | Fiji | Now, where do I start with Fiji? This fail safe pastel looks exceptional all year round, creating a minimal and classic look. It's the first nail vanish that I have made my way through, which says a lot considering I own a fair few shades. It gives a sheer wash of colour and compliments all skin tones. If you're into pastel nails, then you need to grab yourself a bottle or two of Fiji. 

What Essie shades do you recommend?

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